Top 100 Companies in 2013 – See who the biggest profit and loss makers are

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The biggest remain the biggest ones, losers accumulate debts and companies without a single employee and profit are among the five biggest companies when it comes to capital in Serbia. In a word, this has been concluded at today’s presentation of the Top 100 Companies list created by the Business Registers Agency (BRA).

NIS je with a profit of RSD 52 billion is the most profitable company in 2013 the data of the Business Registers Agency show. Srbijagas is the first-ranked at the losers’ list.

Presenting the list of 100 most successful companies when it comes to net profit, Ruzica Stamenkovic from the Business Registers Agency said that NIS is generating more than one tenth of the total profit of the entire Serbian economy and mentioned that last year, the company decreased the headcount number by a third. The headcount decrease was the result of working processes improvements as well as the fact that it hires certain number of employees through specialized agencies.
The second-ranked Telekom had some three a half lower profit, i.e. RSD 15 billion.
– Telenor and Tarkett kept the third and the fourth-ranked position from 2012 with net profit of eight, i.e. six RSD billion – Stamenkovic said.

Pirot-based Tigar Tires takes the fifth position for its net profit of RSD 6 billion.

The first-ranked at the list of One hundred biggest net profit losing companies is Srbijagas, the company which with its loss of RSD some 50 billion makes tenth part of net losses of all companies.
Zelezara Smederevo generated significantly lower net profit loss RSD 15 billion.
Paracin-based Srpska fabrika stakla (Serbian glass factory), with RSD 13,8 billion is the third-ranked when it comes to losses and then comes Petrohemija with RSD 11,8 billion.

Beohemija is the fifth-ranked with a loss of RSD 10,8 billion.
Business profit

When it comes to business profit at the list of One hundred most successful, according to Ruzica Stamenkovic, NIS with business profit of RSD 249 billion is the first-ranked and it is followed by Fiat which, as she said, jumped from 14thposition.
– Last year, for the first time, Fiat ended with net profit, and it also increased headcount number from 1.798 to 3.668, thanks to governmental incentives – Stamenkovic said.

Losses accumulation

The same as in previous years, Zeleznice Srbije generated the biggest accumulated losses with RSD 146 billion and they increased by 5,7% compared to 2012.

Srbijagas with RSD 107 billion, Petrohemija with RSD 58 billion, EPS and Vip mobile with RSD 54 billion are among five biggest companies at the list of the highest accumulated losses.

Belgrade-based TS Imperial Clearing House is grouped with five companies with the highest capital in Serbia.

Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) have the highest total capital of RSD 346 billion, PC Elektroprivreda Srbije (the Electric Power Industry of Serbia) with a capital of RSD 273 billion while the third-ranked is Zeleznice Srbije (the Railways of Serbia) with a capital of RSD 204 billion.

The fifth ranked is NIS with the capital of RSD 176 billion.

According to the data available at the site of the Business Registers Agency, the head of TS Imperial Clearing House with higher capital than NIS-a, is Slavoljub Stevic..

The full ranking lists of companies are available HERE.



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