The Common Communication Interface (CCI) over SWIFTNet


Re-using your SWIFTNet infrastructure for reliable, secure, and low cost connectivity to Euroclear’s Single Platform.

Euroclear’s Single Platform consolidates and harmonises settlement and custody services across all markets in which Euroclear is active. The Common Communication Interface (CCI) is how Euroclear users will access this new platform.

Connecting to CCI over SWIFTNet is an excellent opportunity to leverage your investment in SWIFTNet, adding the benefits your SWIFTNet connection already delivers. 

SWIFT’s connectivity solution is easy to integrate and simple to operate, with minimal time, effort and investment. By choosing SWIFT for your CCI connectivity, you’ll be re-using the same tried and tested SWIFTNet services and infrastructure that already serve other areas of your business. It means:

  • Costs and time-needed for the migration are kept to a minimum
  • Project risk is greatly reduced
  • You’ll capitalise on your in-house SWIFTNet expertise

SWIFT provides

  • secure messaging services for Euroclear clients to access the Single Platform
  • a fully resilient infrastructure
  • The highest availability, reliability and security in the industry
  • 24/7 support
  • a standardised environment, compliant with key European harmonisation initiatives, such as Giovannini, the European Commission’s Code of Conduct and MiFID
  • flexible connectivity packages for new SWIFT users, including the option for either a direct or indirect (for example, a Service Bureau) connection

Using SWIFTNet messaging services to connect to the Euroclear Single Platform

Connecting to Euroclear’s Single Platform is possible through CCI over SWIFTNet, using a combination of the three channels below:

  • AutoFlow messaging – This STP message-by-message channel uses FIN and InterAct (based on ISO 15022 and 20022 message standards)
  • AutoFlow File Transfer – This STP file-transfer channel uses FileAct (file contents are based on ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 message standards)
  • ScreenFlow – A mandatory, manual channel (CCI Screen): This Euroclear GUI will connect through a Alliance Gateway equipped with a Webservices Host Adapter (WSHA)

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